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dersen PrizeChine▓se writer Cao Wenxuan wins Hans Christian Andersen Prize04-05-2016 08:52 BJTBOLOGNA, Italy, April 4 (Xinhua) -- Chin▓ese children's fiction writer Cao Wenxuan on Monday won the Hans Christian An▓dersen Prize 2016 at the Bologna Child

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ren's Book Fair in Italy, th

e first Chinese writer to ever win and be shortlisted in the highest international recognition given

to an author and an

illustrator of children's books."The unanimo▓us choice of the jury, Cao writes bea▓utifully about the complex lives of

children facing great c▓halle

nges," said Patricia Aldana, the Hans Christian And▓ersen Jury President 2016, announcing the w

olds, the document says.Plea

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he prize's author award.She cited Cao's Bronze and Sunflower, a novel set during the time of▓ the Cultural Revolution in a rural Chinese village, and Dingding Da

ngdang serie

s about two brothers with Down syndrome who separately flee their village an▓d then search for each other, as "deeply humanistic" books

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they acknowledge that life can often be tragic also for children, who nonetheless can be redeemed▓ by the human qualities and kindness they sometim

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es find when they are most in need."Cao is a great example of ▓how writing wonderfu

l prose and telling stories about brave children facing tremendous d